Blockchain hackathon for Swiss youth. Organized within the International Innovation Film Festival.

At the youth hackathon we want to empower and enable the next generation to cope with the digital world.

The goal is to develop a project in one day that solves a problem using blockchain or DLT technology. The project can either be a piece of code / Prototype / Mock-up OR a Pitch deck (PowerPoint, digital media of some form video or similar). There will be a list of suggestions for problems at the Hackathon, but you can decide yourself what
kind of problem you want to tackle

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You must be between 16 and 22  years old and show up in person to the hackathon location of February 16.

  • After the event, we will allow them to “hack virtually” for another few days.
  • The submission deadline will be set.
  • Online video session for all student hackers to present the results and vote.
  • A panel of Judges including Porini Foundation/Cryptochicks will also vote.
  • Results and Awards


Submit your PP presentation, demo video (if available) and link to your code to GitHub


Oliver Rükgauer

Roman Eyholzer

Roman Eyholzer

Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer

Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer

Rashila Kerai

Rashila Kerai

Toni Caradonna

Toni Caradonna
Porini Foundation

Judging Criteria

  • Blockchain Use Case
    Is this a good use case for a blockchain technology?
  • Need
    A project has evidence of the real need on the market. People and/or businesses are craving this solution
  • Design and User Experience
    The user experience and flow of the project is pleasant and delightful.
  • Business Model
    The business and/or economic model is viable and will survive even during tough market time
  • Technicality
    Does it work?
  • Creativity and Originality
    Is the app really innovative or a twist on an existing one?
  • Makes World a Better Place